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After Hours at The New Yorker 10-2-22
Sold Out Saturdays at The Exchange 10-1-22
Vibra Sabados Latinos at Ibiza 10-1-22
Sold Out Saturdays at Twist 10-1-22
Saturday Night at Dubai 10-1-22
Saturday Night at Karamba 10-1-22
Full House Fridays at The Exchange 9-30-22
Noche Latina at Dubai 9-30-22
Friday Night at Milk+ 9-30-22
The Amazing Latin Fridays at Karamba 9-30-22
Full House Fridays at Twist 9-30-22
LIU at The Exchange 9-29-22
Whitney Rose Birthday Celebration at Milk + 9-28-22
Saturday Night at Milk + 9-24-22
Nick Davis at The Exchange 9-24-22
Sold Out Saturdays at Twist 9-24-22